Hello! Welcome back to GokkGaming! And today we are going to unbox this pagage!.

Or outside, I wanted to film this outside for no reason.

This is the Benchmade model 62t trainer balisong.

This is actually a real Benchmade, and not one of those Chinese copies.

Ok, let´s begin with showing off the box.

Standard blue box.

Benchmade 62t Balisong trainer, blue class.

Ok Let´s open it! Ok Here is the user manual.

"Use and care manual" And inside here do we have the pouch it comes with.

I am going to try open this with only one hand.

That isn´t as easy as it looks.

Like that And here is the trainer it self Like so It has grey handles and a red trainer "blade" And.

let´s try to open it OMG, that was difficult to open! hm.

I need to switch around the camera to my right hand.

one moment.

That was very good! I am supprised how well it flipped.

Let´s move out to the grass.

A bit more contrast 😛 So this is what it looks like It´s written : 440c, Benchmade USA And on the other side it is the Benchmade logo.

62t It´s alot heavier than i thought it would be But it flips very good though.

I need to get used to this.

Also I got my jacket on.

That makes it alot more difficult I´ll be back after i have taken my jacket of Look! There is "Kåre"! * Blows* It is staring to rain aswell.

Let´s continue under here Focus, and boom! The first impressions are pretty good actually! There is not alot of play on this trainer I am pretty satisfied by this knife! Atleast how much it costed.

like 290$ So from now on I will continue my Balisong trick tutorials.

Before my other balisong broke.


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