Hello! Welcome back to GokkGaming! And today we are going to unbox this pagage!.

Or outside, I wanted to film this outside for no reason.

This is the Benchmade model 62t trainer balisong.

This is actually a real Benchmade, and not one of those Chinese copies.

Ok, let´s begin with showing off the box.

Standard blue box.

Benchmade 62t Balisong trainer, blue class.

Ok Let´s open it! Ok Here is the user manual.

"Use and care manual" And inside here do we have the pouch it comes with.

I am going to try open this with only one hand.

That isn´t as easy as it looks.

Like that And here is the trainer it self Like so It has grey handles and a red trainer "blade" And.

let´s try to open it OMG, that was difficult to open! hm.

I need to switch around the camera to my right hand.

one moment.

That was very good! I am supprised how well it flipped.

Let´s move out to the grass.

A bit more contrast 😛 So this is what it looks like It´s written : 440c, Benchmade USA And on the other side it is the Benchmade logo.

62t It´s alot heavier than i thought it would be But it flips very good though.

I need to get used to this.

Also I got my jacket on.

That makes it alot more difficult I´ll be back after i have taken my jacket of Look! There is "Kåre"! * Blows* It is staring to rain aswell.

Let´s continue under here Focus, and boom! The first impressions are pretty good actually! There is not alot of play on this trainer I am pretty satisfied by this knife! Atleast how much it costed.

like 290$ So from now on I will continue my Balisong trick tutorials.

Before my other balisong broke.


Thanks for watching! Leave a like, comment and dont forget to subscribe!! Good bye!.

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Basic verticle (thumb roll) butterfly knife basic

Today I going to teach you how to do a thumb roll (basic verticle) first you gonna throw the bite handle like this it should look like this than use thumb to roll the safe handle and throw bite handle back throw it back and open your hand and catch the bite handle always use the safe handle in this trick it should look like this to close is do the same thing like openning stay safe and GOODBYE thank you for watching see you next time BYE.

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3ds capture card amazon

The system will have pre-loaded games, applications and features (most notably the 3DS camera). One camera faces the user, while the other two are located on the outside of the system. One of the pre-loaded games, Face Raiders, allows users to shoot at funny depictions of their faces.

Other key features are StreetPass and SpotPass. When you put your 3DS on sleep mode and carry it around, you can exchange game data like Mii characters (which you can create on the 3DS or import from a Wii), high scores, and custom characters to other users you pass on the street. You can control what information is being sent out and you can exchange multiple game data at the same time. The SpotPass feature allows the hardware to detect wireless hotspots and wireless LAN access points. At these spots you can obtain free software, videos, and game data.

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